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Griffith and Wheat PLLC utilizes state-of the-art technology and cost-effective methods to provide services in a timely, client-oriented manner. We also hold strong to tried-and-true methods for obtaining customer satisfaction by speaking plainly, being available for you and keeping you updated on the status of your case. Our skilled attorneys are just part of the picture.

Our staff will be there to speak with you about your case if the attorneys are assisting other clients. They are highly qualified and trained to provide case status and other information that you may require. If your question involves legal advice, they will see to it that the person who can assist you will be in touch with you. When your case is done, you will feel as though you've made a friend in our firm. Griffith and Wheat PLLC is a full-service law office in Washington, DC.

Some of the counseling services we provide includes:

  • advice on real-time employee related issues;
  • drafting and reviewing employee handbooks and personnel policies, employment benefit communication and other plan documents;
  • preparing, negotiating, and enforcing employment contracts, restrictive covenants, independent contractor agreements, separation agreements, severance agreements, vendor contracts and all other documents that have an impact on the employment relationship;
  • compliance with applicable federal and state labor, employee benefits, and other laws

Work Place Litigation's

Griffith and Wheat PLLC works hard to get the best results possible, while minimizing your stress and pressure with various issues. Whether it is wrongful discharge from employment for whistleblowing or unpaid wages, including unpaid overtime and equal pay claims, we help resolve your case. In addition we advocate for clients facing discrimination, harassment, a hostile work environment. Individual & Personal Law Laws that deal with the individual rights that do not necessarily need a contract to be defined are called into play when a person drafts a will, is given a ticket for a traffic violation or is injured in a motor vehicle accident or while under the care of a nursing home.